Convinced that outstanding coffee should be accessible for everyone, we set out on our own adventure. At heart we have the best coffee experience possible, while igniting change in how coffee is produced from seed to cup. Coffee inspires us. It is our passion — our craft that drives us.

miró. made in Zurich.

fly SWISS – sip miró.

We’re thrilled about this partnership with SWISS airlines. Since April 2021, miró is the first freshly brewed Specialty Coffee that can be enjoyed above the clouds.

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Did you know that we’re out and about with our coffee truck almost daily, serving coffee on the go? Or that many Cafés in Zurich serve miró as their house coffee?

See where to find us and who else is brewing miró coffee in town.

the miró story

Born from a necessity of good coffee in Zurich, miró was founded 2013. Specialty Coffee was the still in it‘s infancy and we decided to venture out and try our luck in setting up a startup.

Instead of investing the little money we had in a car or stocks, we bought a 5kg Probat Roasters, a LaMarzocco Linea and great green coffee from the best producers out there. Fastforward seven years, moving the roastery two times, and a coffee truck later, we found a production space in the heart of Zurich,
with café, store and our training and lab facilities.

We love what we do and pour our heart and soul into it. So does everyone else in our team.