Finally good coffee for your office? Look no further.

We all spend quite some time in the office.  So why don’t invest in juicy quality coffee? Choose between the follwing:



You’ve already got a coffee machine in place that you’re happy with but want to get carefully sourced Specialty Coffee for it?
Get in touch and come by for a tasting

Coffee Machine &
Beans plz!

Your co-workers are all hobby baristi and you want a neat Espresso Machine
with the best beans to it? Get in touch and we’re gladly support you in
finding the right set-up!

You simply want good coffee and no effort?

Then this is for you! You want coffee by click, choosing from a wide offer from Espresso to Flat White with different milk alternatives? The Boostbar Roasters Edition is bringing you just this! Learn more right below.

miró x Boostbar

Wether you’re looking for good coffee for your office, your co-working space, your store or cafeteria, Boostbar will make sure you have the best coffee quality and never running out of fresh roasted beans.

The Boostbar Coffee Lab is run by the Swiss coffee master Evelyn Rosa. Together with Evelyn we have fine-tuned the recipe of our Boa Vista, Brazil for their coffee station to bring the best coffee experience possible.

We roast two separate profiles for Espresso and Cappuccino. Further, you get the possibility to offer a milk alternative on top, making everyone happy and getting just the cup of coffee they wish for.

Best Quality Specialty Coffee
Responsibly Sourced, Direct Trade
Plant based Milk Alternative
Automated re-ordering and stock management
Quality control and maintenance included
Cost neutral payment options possible

Sounds juicy? Wanna come by for a tasting? Get in touch.

When partnering with miró

miró delivers freshly roasted beans straight to your office.

If you’re located within the city of Zurich, we make use of our refillable coffee box system to reduce waste. 

Our sensory team loves to help you find the best roast for your coffee machine or, should it be time to invest in a new one, help you find the perfect machine for your needs.

Some of our clients

Come by for a tasting and get to know our roastery

Choose your favourite
bean and roast for your office and machine

Get fresh coffee delivered in our
re-usable miró buckets