How subscriptions work

The subscription runs monthly and renews automatically or runs as long as you’ve chosen. We aim to make it super easy for you to manage. At any time you can cancel or pause during your holidays if wished.

Each delivery contains 330g of whole beans which equals around 15 – 20 cups depending on recipe and brew type. You have the choice of a bi-weekly or monthly coffee delivery. If you need more coffee simply add a second subscription and you’ll receive double or triple the amount. The same if you equally love espresso and filter coffee – then you just go for both of the subscriptions available.

Shipping Fees

Forget about them.
Our subscription is all in,
no extra costs hidden anywhere.
Really? Really!


You can pause
your subscription
at anytime – we are
sure you have a
good reason for it.

Want more?

Our standard is 330gr
of coffee per delivery. If
you need more, just
add another subscription.
Choose a different coffee
if you feel adventurous.

Recyclable from the very start

Our packaging is completely
recycable, from the plastic bag
to the carton box. It‘s a custom
solution the reduce unnecessary
weight, as everything is packed

For this we developed a custom
packaging machine to make this
happen. We are working on
sourcing a fully compostable
plastic bag, so you can just chuck
in with the rest of your veggies.

Brewing Guides

Need some advice on the best brewing recipes for our coffees? Here you go!

Visit miró

Did you know that we’re out and about with our Coffee truck almost daily, serving coffee on the go? Or that many Cafés in Zurich serve miró as their house coffee?

See where to find us and who else is brewing miró coffee in town.