Peach, Orange Blossom, Earl Grey

The aroma reminds us of ripe stone fruits like a juicy peach during a hot summer day. A refreshing acidity acompanied ofa velvety mouthfeel caused by the high sweetness of this clean cup. A hint of flowery notes, like orange blossoms,appears after the second sip, and the aftertaste of Earl Grey tea will conclude a great journey through the highlands of Ethiopia.

Washing Station Chelbesa
Region  Gedio Gedeb
Process Washed
Arabica Varietal  Heirloom
Roast profile  light
Suited for  Filter brews of all kinds

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About the farm

Moplaco Trading PLC, a purveyor of exceptional Ethiopian coffee, represents the culmination of a meticulous processthat begins at the Washing Stations scattered across the verdant landscapes of Ethiopia. Here, amidst a tradition steeped in coffee cultivation, these stations, often under cooperative or company ownership, play a pivotal role. They serve as the nucleus where cherries purchased from local farmers undergo further processing, a decision orchestrated by the discerning minds at these stations.

Delve into the brew of choice, and you’ll encounter a captivating tale woven withexpertise—this particular offering is a testament to the meticulousness of thewashed heirloom blend. Within its grounds lie the heritage of Ethiopia’s coffeelegacy, as ‘Heirloom’ encompasses an array of native varietals.

These varietals, born from centuries of interbreeding among coffee trees in theirbirthplace, the cradle of coffee itself, manifest in a tapestry of nuanced flavors. The journey to spotlight these varieties has been a recent endeavor, aiming todelineate their identities based on nomenclature, resilience against diseases, andyield potential. Among the illustrious line-up are Kurume, Dega, and Wolisho, each painting a distinct stroke in the canvas of Ethiopian coffee heritage.

Within the mosaic of Moplaco Trading PLC’s endeavors, the Chelbesa washingstation stands as a paragon. Situated at an impressive elevation of 2100 masl in the proximity of Worka Town, Gedeb, it sprawls over 1240 hectares—a fertile ground that fosters the growth of coffee plants.

This station, the mainstay of coffee cultivation in Gedeb, forms the nexus of a collaborative effort. Local farmers, tending to plots averaging between 0.5 and 2 hectares and nestled at elevations ranging from 1925 to 2110 masl, supplycherries meticulously cultivated at their doorstep.