Colombia - Competition Coffee

Jardines del Eden

Figs, Banana, Licorice Wood

This special varietal release is Ivan Pepe’s competition coffee for the ‘Coffee in Good Spirit’ championship in Switzerland.
This exquisite coffee begins with a pineapple-like acidity upon the first sip, followed by robust, deep flavors reminiscentof dried fruits such as dates and figs, alongside hints of banana and Jamaican rum. It offers a medium body with a butterymouthfeel, concluding with lingering notes of licorice wood and molasses.


Producer  Felipe Arcila
Origin  Pijao, Armenia, Quindio
ArabicaVarietal  Wush Wush
Process  Natural EF2
Roast Profile  Light
Suited for  all kinds of espresso brews

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Colombia - Competition Coffee

Jardines del Eden

About the farm

Jardines El Eden, a Cofinet project just outside Armenia in Colombia’s Quindio region, is led by one ofthe Arcila brothers, co-founders of Cofinet. Felipe and Carlos Arcila, deeply rooted in coffee farming, have cherished family memories of exploring the coffee fields and sampling cherries acrossgenerations. Perched high in the mountains near Pijao village, the landscape is further enhanced by themesmerizing cloud cover drifting into the valley.

Jardines El Eden is Cofinet’s premier farm, boasting a captivating variety of exotic coffee varietals, from SL28 and Wush Wush to Geisha and Java. It also hosts unique mutations like Striped Bourbon and Chilli Bourbon, a natural variation with subtly spicy cherries. The volcanic soils and high-altitudesetting yield exceptional raw coffee beans, known for their distinct varietal and terroir flavors, perfectly suited to the robust character developed during fermentation.

Wush Wush has gained popularity among specialty coffee roasters for its unique qualities, oftencompared to Gesha but with its own distinct character.

It’s a diverse varietal known for its sweetness, delicate floral and fruity notes, and smaller, distinctivebeans. Roasters must pay meticulous attention to achieve the perfect roast, as smaller beans can lead toenhanced sweetness during roasting.

Wush Wush, known as an heirloom varietal, was named after its place of discovery in the Southwest region of Wushwush. Similar to Gesha, it found its way to Colombia, thriving in fertile high-altitudesoils. It’s adaptable to various climates but offers a lower yield. The varietal’s tree morphology canvary, so replanting requires selecting mature trees for consistency in crop outcomes.

This coffee, grown by Felipe Arcila at Jardines Del Eden, went through a meticulous fermentationprocess: 24 hours of dry aerobic fermentation followed by 50 hours inside Grainpro bags at below22°C. Later, the cherries were spread on raised beds until they reached 11% moisture content. This process creates a rich, process-focused coffee while maintaining the authentic varietal character in thecup.