Espresso Subscription

In the choice of coffee for our espresso subscription we look for sweetness and body, paired with coffee varieties that are chocolate and caramel-forward tastes. We usually change coffee every six to eight months. This subscription is suited for coffee lovers, that want to keep a constant in their coffee drinking.

Every sending contains 330g full beans.

The subscription runs monthly and renews automatically.
At any time you can cancel or pause during your holidays if wished. Got more questions? Our FAQ answers it all!

Current coffee:

El Zapote

Farm Finca El Zapote
Producer  Santos Sagastume Enamorado
Origin El Dorado, Santa Barbara
Altitude of the farms  1500 masl
Arabica Varietal  Parainema
Process Fully Washed and sun-dried
Roast profile light
Suited for All types of Espresso Brewing

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Espresso Subscription

El Zapote in the Espresso Subscription

El Zapote pleases with some strong nutty flavors and surprises at the same time with light floral notes peaking through. It has a well balanced, smooth acidity.

The Santa Barbara department, at the west of the country, of the border of Guatemala, is the second biggest coffeeproducer of the country. Honduras offers a challenging enviroment for the cultivation of coffee: while the tropical totemperate climate combined with the high altitudes are perfect, the lack of rich volcanic soil and the high humidity addcomplexity.

Don Santos Sagastume Enamorado is the owner of Finca El Zapote, located in El Dorado. El Zapote refers to a local fruit, sapote or soapapple. Don Santos is a traditional coffee grower and has dedicated his entire life to it.

Without the support of his late wife, added to lack of labour and his advanced age, he reduced his coffee area from ten tofour hectares a few years ago. He cultivates different varieties like Parainema, Lempira or Ircafe 90, and keeps themseparate. This strategy gives him the opportunity to identify excellent cups and sell them separately for a premium. In thelast years, Don Santos has also ventured in the cultivation of hass avocado to diversify his income.