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Surrounded by coffee nerds who can’t get through the day without coffee? The Espresso Subscription is the gift for them!
Get the subscription as a gift option and we send you a voucher that you can hand them as a gift. Let us know in the comments box as of when we shall start the dispatch.
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In the choice of coffee for our espresso subscription we look for sweetness and body, paired with coffee varieties that are chocolate and caramel-forward tastes.
We usually change coffee every six to eight months. This subscription is suited for coffee lovers, that want to keep a constant in their coffee drinking.

The first subscription will be sent out on the 18th January 2022!

Current coffee:

Boa Vista

Producer Cooperativa SanCoffee
Campo das Vertentes 
Process Natural
900 - 1200 mts
Harvest Selective mechanical
Arabica Varietal Yellow Catucaí, Topázio and Yellow Catuaí
Certification miró Direct Trade
Roast Profile Medium
Suggested for

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Gift Espresso Subscription

Boa Vista in the Espresso Subscription

We are proud to serve you our first direct trade.

David visited Sancoffee, the exporter and milling company in Campo das Vertentes in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

We were on the hunt for a chocolate forward coffee that will please all types of coffee drinkers. After meeting many farmers, large and small, and cupping many different coffees, we decided to go for a blend of varieties of 6 different farms.

Actually, there are only 3 different varieties, Yello Catucaí & Catuaí and Topázio. They are natural processed to bring out that sweetness you like in the cup. SanCoffee does some amazing work for the region and are B Corp Certified Company. They invest a lot into new technologies, as well as supporting a lot of grower families in the region.