Persimmon, Buttermilk, Sherry

This coffee is providing a unique flavor combination that will enchant your taste buds. With tropical notes, some floral and some more ripened that reminds us of fermented raisins. The acidity is elegant, the body is silky and it offers a delightful sweetness that will leave a lasting impression.


Producer  Kiri Coffee Factory
Origin  Kirinyaga
Arabica Varietal  SL 28 & Ruiru 11
Process  Fully Washed
Roast Profile  Light
Suited for  all kinds of filter brews

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About the farm

This community lot hails from the picturesque Kirinyaga county, nestled in the southern region of the iconic Mount Kenya. Situated at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, this area experiences a pleasant average temperature ranging from 13 °C to 25 °C throughout the year. With an average annual rainfall of 1200 mm, Kirinyaga county benefits from nature‘s generosity.

The soil in this region is characterized by rich, red volcanic soils that are abundant in organic matter, creating the perfect conditions for exceptional coffee flavors and qualities.

Produced with utmost dedication, this community lot is brought to you by the esteemed Kiri Coffee Factory, establishedin 1997. Located on a 5-acre piece of land, the factory serves the villages of Gitumbi, Kirunyuini, Kerere, and Kaboia in Kirinyaga County.

With approximately 1400 members, Kiri Coffee Factory operates under the affiliation of Ngiriambu FCS, alongside its sister factory, Kegwa. The dedicated farmers associated with Kiri Coffee Factory cultivate small plots of land ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 hectares each. The name „Kiri“ is derived from Kirinyaga county, where „Kiri“ means „With“ and „Nyaga“ means „ostriches.“

At Kiri Coffee Factory, the focus lies solely on the production of exceptional coffee beans, with no other products in theirrepertoire.