January 16, 2024

Bridging Borders: miró x Sancoffee

by Marina Hagen

Alfonso’s Journey into the Heart of Brazilian Coffee

In a long-awaited journey, Alfonso set out just before Christmas 2023 to explore the coffee plantations of Sancoffee in Brazil. This venture extended beyond a mere exploration of the coffee plantations; its aim was to establish a deeper connection with the coffee, the cooperative, and the farms. In this regard, it also sought to forge a connection with the spirits and stories that shape the coffee of Sancoffee.

Alfonso’s expedition took him to the heart of the cooperative, where numerous small farms collaborate seamlessly. Among these, Facenda Samambaia stood out as one of the most innovative farms in the cooperative. Here, unconventional approaches such as new fermentation systems and processing techniques were being tested, challenging traditional norms. Alfonso was accompanied by Fabricio, the head of the cooperative, and Ana, responsible for partnerships and impact, who quickly made him an integral part of their system.

Although Alfonso had already visited several coffee farms, each new experience always offers fresh inspiration and the opportunity to learn. Every continent, country, and cooperative develops its unique approach to processing coffee – from the plant to the export-ready bean. Facenda Samambaia was particularly notable for its impressive efficiency and the balanced connection between quantity and quality.

The insights gained sharpened Alfonso’s awareness of the product and deepened his understanding of the dedication with which people nurture the coffee.

The partnership with Sancoffee has not only strengthened through this visit but is gradually evolving into a dynamic collaboration promising innovation, a spirit of experimentation, and a shared pursuit of excellence. With this new perspective, Alfonso is ready to infuse each cup with a touch of Brazilian magic, embodying the essence of a truly global coffee experience.