Agave lII

Géraldine Recker is a photographer and architect in Zurich. In her photography, she explores architectural and urban space and the intersection between landscape and infrastructure. It’s a search for the presence of things, as seen in the series Agave; a photo series as a silkscreen print, where the characteristics of the photographic subject overlap and blend with the artistic technique of silkscreen printing.

The porous surface of the Agave is repeated in the fine grain of the silkscreen print. The Agave leaf forms the negative of a thorny silhouette of the neighboring leaf and tells the story of the closed primal state.

Agave ILL, 2023 – limited edition of 5 Prints + 2AP
2 duotone silkscreen on two overlapping translucent paper

70 x100cm

Price includes shipping as well as two hanging rails and clips.
The prints can be viewed and bought at our shop at Brauerstrasse 58.

In our Blogpost you see how the two overlapping prints are produced.

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Agave lII