Kumquat, Raspberry, Cocoa Nibs

This coffee has all sorts of juicy flavors! It starts with a tangy, citrusy kick, just like biting into a juicy Kumquat. Then, you get this sweet raspberry taste that sticks around, and at the end, there’s a nice hint of cocoa nibs that makes it super satisfying. It’s like a flavor adventure in every sip!

Washing Station  Harbegona
Exporter  Moplaco Trading PLC
Origin  Bensa Sidama
Altitude  2100 – 2300m
Soil  Volcanic
Varietal  Heirloom
Process  Natural
Roasted for  Espresso

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About the Farm

Bensa, Sidama emerges as an exceptional region for top-tier coffee production, showcasing its prowess through Harbegona, meticulously overseen by Helleanna Georgalis of Moplaco and Tadese Yonka, the astute ‘Washing Station’ Manager—a refined testament to this region’s excellence. In Ethiopia, our aim is to cultivate personal connections with individual producers, fostering enhanced transparency, both in physical processes and financial transactions.

Ethiopia, hailed as the birthplace of coffee, remains a cornerstone, contributingroughly 10% to the country’s gross domestic product. The land proudly hosts over 60 discernible coffee varieties, confirmed through DNA testing, marking it as the epicenter of global coffee biodiversity. Yet, obtaining single-variety coffeelots from Ethiopia, a land steeped in coffee tradition and intricate political nuances within its coffee trade, has been a considerable challenge. Slowly, this landscape is evolving, albeit at a deliberate pace. Most Ethiopian coffees amalgamate various indigenous varieties, collectively labeled as ‘Ethiopian Landrace’ or ‘Heirloom.’

Nestled on the volcanic slopes in Bensa’s Harbegona village, this coffeee pitomizes the labor of small-scale farmers cultivating just a few hectares of land, situated between 1,500-2000 meters above sea level. Elevated altitudes infuse this delightful coffee with the delightful citrus acidity reminiscent of bergamot. A symphony of several varieties weaves its magic, defining its lightness and floral aroma.

Handpicked at the pinnacle of ripeness, the journey of this coffee unfolds meticulously. Afloat and carefully fermented, it embraces natural processes on raised beds before the meticulous depulping. The final phase of drying occurs once more on these raised beds, ensuring the essence of this coffee blossoms to its fullest potential.