Gift Filter Subscription

Spoil your bestie!

Your best friend is a filter-lover? This Subscription is the gift for him/her!
Get the subscription as a gift option and we send you a voucher that you can hand them as a gift. Let us know in the comments box as of when we shall start the dispatch.
Got more questions? Our FAQ answers it all!

With the filter subscription they will receive a fruit-forward coffee which is perfect for filter brews.
We usually change coffee every two to three months.

This subscription is suited for coffee lovers, that enjoy a meditative way of preparing their filter brews at home.

The coffees chosen for Filter Subscription can always be prepared with Hario V60, AeroPress or French Press.
If they like it fancy, you can for sure also pull an Espresso with it and see how you like it. Make sure to choose a fine grind for it then!

Every sending contains 330g full beans.

Current coffee:


Producer Smalholder Farms
Origin Guji, Ethiopia
Process Natural
1900 masl
Arabica Varietal Heirloom local varieties
Roast Profile Light
Suited for Filter

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Gift Filter Subscription

Gigesa in the filter subscription

Gigesa is a very elegant filter brew which will pleasantly surprise your tastebuds with all its variety of flavours.
Its subtle lactic acidity results in a round and comforting mouthfeel. At the same time Gigesa also brings up the typical
floral notes which Ethiopian coffees are known for.