Strawberry, Macadamia, Rummy

Henrique’s coffee is a delightful exclusive micro-lot experience, blending flavors that awaken your senses. It starts with the sweetness of ripe strawberries, followed by the creamy richness of macadamia nuts. A subtle rummy note adds a touch of indulgence, while the exotic twist of maracuyá brings a zesty, tropical flair. Flavours in a coffee that are normally hard to find in Brazilian coffees this is a true gem. One you can only have at miró.

Synonymous with tradition, Fazenda Samambaia has been the heritage of the Cambraia family for over a hundred years, dating back to the early stages of coffee growing at Campo das Vertentes, in Minas Gerais State. For many years, Dr. José Nominato Cambraia took care of the farm in tandem with his other passion for medicine. Nevertheless, the fate of Samambaia changed abruptly in 1993, when current owner Henrique Cambraia had to succeed his father who suddenly passed away.


Producer  Henrique Cambraia
Origin   Minas Gerais, Brazil
Process  Natural
Arabica Varietal  Arara
Roast Profile  Light
Suited for  All kinds of brews

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About the farm

In his early 20s, freshly graduated and the start of a promising career in auditing, Henrique was chosen by his brother Rodrigo and his sister Silvia to take over the farm and continue the work of their beloved father.
The transition was far from easy and Henrique had to overcome many challenges during this period. When travelling abroad, Henrique realized that Brazilian coffees were not on the shelves of international coffee shops and this fact drew his attention to a newly emerging specialty coffee market. Very soon, Henrique started focusing on high quality coffees and joined forces withother producers in Campo das Vertentes, to found Sancoffee. Since then, Henrique has taken his backpack and travelled the world to show all the potential and gain more recognition for the coffees of the region. Nowadays, in addition to remarkable coffees, Fazenda Samambaia places great importance in Social and Environmental responsibility, investing in training for the team and innovating in farming and post-harvest practices to assure the sustainability of the coffee business for future generations.