Luis Anibal – limited!

Gingerbread, Chilly, Orange

Rare Variety Release – Caturron

A coffee from Alfonso’s Origin trip that he simply could not resist.

Caturron is an exceptional variety found only in Colombia. It is a mutation of Caturra, differs in taste any significantly to its relative “Caturra”. The bean is larger than the Caturra and somewhat resembles the now rare Typica.

This variety was discovered by Luis on his farm out of an odd coffee tree. He realised the difference in shape and taste, so he separated the cherry and started cultivating it. This particular lot was fermented anaerobically as a special honey preparation for 200 hours induced with spices as dry cherry in closed bags and 50 hours depulped in traditional concrete tanks. The coffee was dried as slow passive solar drying for 22 days on raised beds in marquees. The first of its kind ever landed in Switzerland.

Producer  Luis Anibal Calderón
Origin Acevedo, HUILA
Process  Honey, aneaerobische Fermentation
Arabica Variety  Caturron
Farm height  1700-2000 masl
Roast profile  hell
Suited for  All kind of filter brews

Available sizes:


Luis Anibal – limited!

Interview with Luis Anibal Calderón

How did you come into growing coffee?

My father bought this farm many years ago, I am a second-generation coffee grower, so I learned it since I was a child, to take care of the plants, the cherries, and even tho my father never had the chance of learning about specialty grade coffee, he was pretty good at taking care of the farm.

What is a day in your life like?

My kids are very active so I have to spend a lot of time with them taking them to school, picking them up later at school again, and of course, I split my time with the farm nowadays, I try to do my best every day to improve, I am a very curious man, so what I most like to do I to walk around the farm and check every single tree from time to time, and if I find something weird, interesting or just normal I try to take it apart and cup it, see if it’s different and then replicate that tree, I have done this “research for years” and I have developed at least 4 recognized different varieties and shared them with few growers around. The best example is caturron, named like that because it is like a Giant Caturra, but it tastes so different

What opportunities are you looking for from people that buy your coffee?

I want the world to recognize what we do in Colombia, and mainly in Huila, I am a hard worker and I like to help people around. If I build strong long-term relationships, it will always mean my job here at the farm is worth it.

Where does your passion come from?

My curiosity and my love for the countryside.

What makes your coffee different from others?

Nobody else has worked with caturron, as much as I do, even though I shared it a few years ago, everybody else is just getting their first cherries, and I have worked with it for the last 4 years already.