Quince, Apricot, Yogurt, Smooth Body

Looking for a typical Ethiopian coffee with floral notes and black tea flavors we’ve stumbled upon this beauty. It comes with an unexpected but pleasant lactic acidity and refreshing notes of quince jelly and ripe apricots. 

Producer  Takele Mamo
Exporter  Konga Trading PLC
Origin  Yirgacheffe
Process  Washed
Arabica Varietal  Heirloom
Certification CH-BIO-006
Altitude of the farm  1700 – 2200 masl
Soil  Volcanic
Roast Profile  light
Suited for  All kind of filter brews

Available sizes:

Soldout 19.50


Your beans are vacuum-sealed and shipped in our subscription packaging. It is fully recyclable, reduces waste and best of all: only CHF 1.85 shipping, which is included in the total price already.

Whole beans only. All coffee bags are shipped separately for packaging purposes.
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The coffee story

Konga Trading, an organic certified producer and processor, uses the latest version of eco-friendly wet mill.

The cherries collected from the farmers are put in a density separator to remove damaged and immature cherries on arrival. The selected ones are taken to the pulper where the skin and mucilage are removed. Then the pulped cherries, i.e. the parchment will be taken to the raised beds where it will be allowed to dry for about a week in a layer of about 5cm thick. The thickness of this level is believed to avoid parchment cracks to maintain the beans quality which are inside the parchment.

When the moisture level is between 10-12% it will be moved to a warehouse and allowed to breath for about three days. Then the parchment coffee is put into a jute bag and will be moved to Addis Ababa where the final processing is done.