Halo Beriti

Honey Melon, Red Berries, Strawberry Candy, Heavy Body

Let’s get this straight – it’s a sugar rush! What has been tinkered with fermentation methods in recent years (not always with good results) is insane. But this coffee that Mebrahtu and his team have produced is crazy.

In 2020, he was among the best at the Cup of Excellence in Ethiopia with the same fermentation method (more on that below). The result in the cup is impressive and we are thrilled that we were able to get hold of two bags of it. First come, first serve.

Producer Halo Beriti Washing Station
Exporter Boledu Industrial
Halo Beriti, Gedeb Worka, Gedeo
Process Experimental
Arabica Varietal Heirloom
Altitude 1950 – 2150 masl
Harvest October to January
Roast Profile Light
Suited for Filter

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Halo Beriti

The ‘Tej’ or ‘Winey’ processing method.

The coffee cherries are first placed in water tanks with the floats removed. After the first sorting, the cherries are kept in tanks for 4-5 days to start the fermentation process. This is also where the anaerobic process takes place. The cherries remain on the coffee seed during this process, so it is a natural anaerobic process.

After 4-5 days in sealed tanks, the cherries are then placed on raised beds for drying. Throughout the drying process, the cherries are regularly turned and other visible defects are removed, leaving only the best cherries.

This type of fermentation requires a lot of attention, both in the tanks and on the drying beds, as the bacteria involved can be very volatile.

The result is a clean cup with a lot of interesting and unusual flavors.