Cranberry, Lemon, Earl Grey, Hibiscus, Chocolate

Guracho is a real character. This naturally processed coffee strikes with citric acidity and is carefully harmonized with a delicate sweetness and alluring chocolaty undertones. Although being processed naturally, what usually results in funky cups, this one comes through super clean, almost like a washed one. Guracho is a must-try experience for all coffee enthusiasts – especially filter lovers!

Producer Nazimu Abamecha
Origin  Jimma
Arabica Varietal  Heirloom
Process  Natural
Crop  Nov-Jan 2022/23
Farm height  2100 masl
Roast profile  light
Suited for  all kinds of filter brewing

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About the farmer

Nazimu Abamecha is a child from Botto, a village where his family has been producing coffee for several generations. He inherited his father’s farm and hopes that one day one of his children will manage the land like him here. Nazimu, a man in his forties full of energy, is concerned to reveal the best of Jimma’s coffees. Ten years ago, he created the Duromina cooperative to ensure better recognition of the region’s coffee production. He was the manager of this cooperative for 8 years. So, his knowledge on the product, on trading and his dedication to this work is huge. But, aware that increasing value of coffee is linked with a better traceability, he decided to sell his coffee independently, to ensure a higher quality of his lots. His interest in high quality microlots and traceability led him to partner with Belco to bring you the best of Jimma coffee.

Nazimu has been working with Belco for over 5 years and has been actively involved in various agroforestry projects and quality improvement training.