October 12, 2018

Ronny Hunger plays with our walls

by admin

For a long time we had been thinking about what to do with our big white wall in St. Luke’s courtyard. We etched mirrors, painted glass green and tried to represent our bean. Nothing really convinced us.
Since we could not decide on any variant, Florian Ringli, our architect, lent us his four prints by Francisco Serra. A Chilean artist, settled in Bern, signed off sofas from Conforama catalog. After four months, it was time to return the prints to Flo – fair enough.
Every six months, the posters, or the wall will be replayed. We give artists creative freedom, pay for the printing of the posters and what is taken from the sale of the posters stays with him.
Ronny Hunger provides us with the first contribution called ‘doesn’t fit’.

We like it a lot – thanks Ronny.

a wider rage of symbolic goods and experiences
produced by culture industries
look into onto
soft education
do you have the same cultural knowledge

doesn’t fit
vier Plakate, 119x170cm
2018 by Ronny Hunger