June 20, 2024

Good Food News!

by Leandra

A warning first: The next few lines might make you a little hungry. Or very hungry. But please, read on.

For over a year now, our talented chef Elena has been filling miró’s brunch tables with her simple and creative plant-based breakfast creations. After a short desayuno break due to our renovation work – including a brand new kitchen – it was time to bring brunch back to the table.

But that wasn’t all.

Elena – and Joana, who joined her two months ago – were hungry for more: The spark of the new kitchen environment let their ideas spark as well. We are therefore delighted to tell you about the new delights on our desayuno menu – and hope they will delight you too!

Oh, by the way: Our snack counter at Brauer has also been upgraded. In addition to sweet treats, we now offer homemade sandwiches from Wednesday to Friday! So you can enjoy a savoury taste of miró – almost – all week long. What a treat.


Curious what bits and bites we serve now? See the full new menu here.

Did you know that our Desayuno …

… is served every Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 2pm or until sold out at our flagship shop on Brauerstrasse?

We don’t take reservations – but there’s almost always a table waiting for you. If you wanna make sure you get one – get there the sooner the better!

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