November 6, 2017

YAY – a new bean for miró!

by admin

Yes, all read correctly: not a new bean but a new bean. Carefully illustrated, in black and white. But from the beginning.

Dani and David had the glorious idea, to let ZHdK students run wild on their corporate design. Of course not with a carte blanche (you know Dani). He created a pitch document (a briefing is apparently what they call it in the trade) and discussed the effective task together with Thomas Wolfram (Lecturer Identity & Branding BA/MA) and Claudio Gasser (Assistant Visual Communication). The whole thing was organized as a competition – with ranking and everything. An initial meeting with a question and answer session was organized with a whole class at the Rösterei on Butzenstrasse.

The students worked for a full four weeks on branding tailored to miró. At the presentation round that followed, the first and second place winners were selected from 6 groups. The goal of the whole exercise was to provide a platform for young and motivated designers to practice on a practical example – a corporate design, in other words, that would eventually be implemented.

The competition was held in the Department of Design, Visual Communication course in the 2nd semester (Identity and Brand module). The result was of course much more than just an illustrated bean: templates for website, packaging, business cards and much more. Dani and David are very happy with it and hope that you will enjoy it as well. Otherwise, it’s not so wild, because in five to six years, the appearance will certainly be renewed again. Ha!