Brew Guide Moccamaster

The Moccamaster combines a timeless appearance with name quality features such as the copper heating element. The filter machine of all filter machines is manufactured and handmade in the Netherlands since 1969. The materials are not only very high quality, but also reusable. The interplay of the above quality features can also be seen in the cup however, certain parameters must also be taken into account with this brewing method – as with the Hario V60.

– Moccamaster KGB Select
– Moccamaster filter paper
– min. 70g coffee beans
– Grinder – electric or manual
– Water, ideally filtered
– Kaffeewaage

1. Prepare 70g of your chosen coffee
2. Fill water container up to the mark
3. Insert filter paper into plastic dripper & wet with hot water (92-96°C)
6. Grind coffee and distribute evenly in the dripper
7. Insert dripper and start brewing process with button

Nice to Know
With the Moccamaster KBG Select you can even choose between two different brewing quantities.

Step 1
Choosing your Coffee

We have chosen the Arsosala from Ethiopia for this brewing method. Its aromas unfold ideally in the given recipe – preserved plum and notes of cocoa are clearly recognizable.

Step 2
Water & Filter Prep

For the best result, fill the water tank to the “1 1/4″ or 10 cups” mark and close it with the provided lid. We recommend to use filtered water as it results in a better cup and less limescale buildup in the machine.

Once the filter paper has been fitted to the Moccamaster’s dripper, wet the filter with boiling water. This step is important to dissolve the lignin in the paper to avoid the woody taste. Pour out the excess water after wetting.

Step 3

We recommend using an automatic grinder for 70 grams of coffee, but you can certainly use a hand grinder. Again, as with any brewing method, regardless of the grinder used, the degree of grind but especially a uniform grind is of utmost importance.

As in the instructions for the Hario V60 brewing method, we also have a reliable guide value for achieving the desired extraction, namely the total brewing time (in our case ∼ 6 min) in conjunction with the brewing process that can be observed by the naked eye.

In the model shown (Moccamaster KGB Select), you can choose between two brewing quantities or brewing times (half or full pot selection switch). For our recipe, we use the full pot option.

Distribute the grind evenly in the dripper.

Step 4

By operating the main switch, you start the brewing process.
Already after a short time, the dripper begins to fill with hot water
(92-96 ° C) evenly.

If the dripper is brought to “overflow”, then you should set the grind coarser for the next time, so that the water can flow through faster.
If the reverse were to occur, that is, if the water flowed through too quickly, then you would have to adjust the grind to a finer setting.

To increase the extraction rate or brew strength so that the flavor is intensified, you can stir the wet coffee cake with a wooden stick during the blooming phase (see Hario V60 post) so that all coffee particles are covered by the water. A normal spoon also works – just be careful not to damage the filter.


Once in the pot, the filter coffee is kept at 88 °C for 40 minutes thanks to the integrated heating plate.

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